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ARTiSTORY is a specialist focusing on art and cultural IP licensing with unique capabilities of transforming “Artefacts to Merchandise” and storytelling via digital content empowered by teams in London, Barcelona, New York, Boston, Shanghai, Beijing and Singapore.

- We work with top cultural and art IPs who have millions of artefacts within their collections. Our IP partners include world-leading museums, galleries, science museums and libraries.

- Our licensing business is global. We work with brands, retailers and manufacturers in all fields or industries such as commercial real estate, finance, travel, catering, apparel, games and so forth.

- Creating on trend collections, we extend the reach for our cultural partners to engage a much wider global audience via a comprehensive licensing programme. We research and dig deep into the potential of our partners archives and collaborate with global designers and artists who are inspired by selected artefacts to produce high-quality designs and content, expanding their engagement with a global audience.

- Taking innovative narrative as the core concept and based on our well-developed collections, we not only supply brands and retailers with narratives, but also assist them implement marketing campaigns in different forms, both online and offline.

Specialist in Global Licensing

At present, ARTiSTORY has the global market licensing rights of Thyssen-Bornemisza National Museum, Brooklyn Museum, Dunhuang Inspiration, as well as the overseas market licensing rights of Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, National Gallery, National Palace Museum. 

  • Global rights, excluding ChinaNational Gallery, London
  • Global rights, excluding ChinaNational Palace Museum
  • Global rights, excluding ChinaMuseum of Fine Arts, Boston
  • Global RightsDunhuang Inspiration
  • Global RightsBrooklyn Museum
  • Global RightsThyssen-Bornemisza National Museum
  • Global RightsBenaki Museum
  • By analysing global fashion trends, observing luxury brands and pop culture, we identify upcoming trends with a global lens first, and a territory specific lens to ensure strategic positioning by region. Once trends are identified, we match them with relevant and available museum assets/art objects and develop collections and IP asset for the coming years, usually 12-18 months in advance. 

    Working with more than 100 creative minds, we dive into our museum partners’ vast collections of objects and work closely with museum curators to cultivate theme specific libraries of art objects with the best design and the richest history.

    We believe that “Those Who Tell the Stories Rule the World”.
    We create unique stories and experiences through art, illustration, design, promotional campaigns, events and more.
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