Dunhuang Inspiration: Trading Cards

The Dunhuang Trading Cards, a highly successful licensed product launched in Dec 2021, is a collector’s grade trading card co-developed by ARTiSTORY and SenseTime for Dunhuang. It is the first time that a Chinese cultural heritage IP has been iterated in the form of trading cards, together with AR technology. The cards showcase ARTiSTORY’s content and storytelling capabilities with an animated version using SenseTime’s AR technology to bring the art to life.


SenseTime is a leading AI software company


Theme Selected:       

Dunhuang Ode to Glamour

Target Market:        


About the Project:

Influence and Media Exposures:

A total of around 855,000 RMB was fundraised in one month after its release (17 times the original target amount), ranking first among all other trading card programmes on the platform.


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