Envy-Apple Giftbox

Inspired by the four works of French Impressionist masters Vincent Van Gogh, Claude Monet, Andre Deland and Pierre-Auguste Renoir, the collections from the Thyssen-Bornemisza National Museum in Spain, the Envy Apple Giftbox is a perfect combination and interpretation of visual art and taste enjoyment. 




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“Les Vessenots in Auvers”,1890, Vincent Van Gogh, Inv. no. 559 (1978.41)©Museo Nacional Thyssen-Bornemisza, Madrid
“Woman with a Parasol in a Garden”,1875, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Inv. no. 724 (1974.43) , © Museo Nacional Thyssen-Bornemisza, Madrid
Waterloo Bridge, André Derain, Inv. no. 524 (1972.17) © Museo Nacional Thyssen-Bornemisza, Madrid
“The House among the Roses” ,1925, Claude Monet, Carmen Thyssen Collection Inv. no. (CTB.1998.52), © Museo Nacional Thyssen-Bornemisza, Madrid
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