The NFT is jointly produced by SenseTime and Dunhuang

The collectibles used 3D technology to restore the mural in Cave 257 of Dunhuang during the Northern Wei Dynasty. AI algorithm and AR technology were used to simulate the transformation process of the mural, and interpret the unique charm of Dunhuang. This is the unique combination of physical objects and digital content. On January 11, 2022, A total of 2,022 units as an limited edition were sold out within one second.



Digital Cat is a digital collectibles(NFT) trading platform developed by SenseTime

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Dunhuang Ode to Glamour

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With more than 100,000 people reserving the collectibles for pre-sale, and 150,000 people buy at the launch on 9 May, 2022 copies sold out in 2 minutes.


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digital collection sensetime dunhuang
digital collection sensetime dunhuang
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