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ARTiSTORY is a global leader in the field of art and cultural IP licensing and home of the world’s top museums and heritage institutions licensing programmes. With unique capabilities of transforming “Artefacts to Merchandise”, storytelling via digital content and empowered by teams globally, ARTiSTORY is committed to elevating sales revenues and brand awareness together with brands and retailers worldwide.

- We work with top cultural and art IPs who collectivity have millions of artefacts within their collections. Our IP partners include world-leading museums, galleries, science museums and libraries. 

- Our licensing business is global. We work with all forms of licensees. Including brands, retailers and manufacturers in all fields and industries such as apparel, home decor, cosmetics, gifts, NFTs, games, toys, commercial real estate, LBE, travel, catering and so forth. 

- We empower licensees at various stages of their product-line development. With inexhaustible inspiration from our cultural partners and diverse creative assets.




IP+ (More Than Products) Upgrade Your Consumer Experience

We amplify our licensing programmes with various forms of contents to empower marketing & expand retail distribution channels. Our innovative and high quality content including short videos, pop-up stores, exhibitions and so on. Our licensing partners can tap into this content for storytelling as part of their marketing effort to promote licensed products.

In order to build successful licensing programmes, ARTiSTORY is dedicated to developing multiple retail touch points which will be supported by  themed content for storytelling purposes, as stories play a key role in the shopping experience. We also have creative rights inside the museums, such as filming and photo shoots, Interviewing art specialists and curators, VIP tours, public activities etc. 

Those who tell the stories rule the world.
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