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Glitz and Glam - Greatest of All Time

2022 marks the 70th Anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II accession to the Throne. This will be marked with Platinum Jubilee celebrations across the Nations. Across the UK and Commonwealth this weekend, celebreations are underway for Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee... How will you be partying? Are you having a street party?

Royal Families and regal crowns and costume have been prevalent across the global for many centuries. The National Palace Museum in Taipei holds a vast collection of historic Chinese royal items such as this stunning Qing Dynasty crown! Have you got your crown ready?

Drawing on the aesthetics and wisdoms of different cultures that were grown on the land it ruled, the best craftsmen from Qing Dynasty combined modern craftsmanship with traditional arts, even from the West, to make jewels that then became crowns or costumes. Crowns and Regalia focuses on the headdress and accessories from the collection and their glittering beauty. Taken from Kingfisher’s feather, the natural but mysteriously stunning blue colour comes from a now disappeared technique called ‘Tian-tsui’. With a natural shimmer on the blue feather and other precious pearl and gems, these headpieces are not the brightest but can reveal the elegance of their wearers on any festive and ceremonial occasions.


The ‘Headdress with Double Happiness’ is such an occasional piece, for the wedding ceremony. The Chinese character of ‘double happiness’ means the joy of connection of two families, celebrating the marriage of two but also their families. 

ARTiSTORY 2023 SS Theme - Glitz and Glam

Throughout generations, glamour and glitz have left behind countless love affairs as well as fashion and art. From splendid headdresses made by Chinese court artists to the flappers and feathers of the 1920s, these beautiful crowns and jewels bring us back to the 'Roaring Twenties', the decade of the 1920s that was also nicknamed the Jazz Age. The world had just ended World War I, and overcome the Spanish Flu. With a war and a pandemic fresh in their minds, people were desperate to celebrate life again. 

The most direct expression of art and fashion in the eyes of the modern world, apart from fashion shows, is the aristocratic theme of television. After the success of Netflix series’s, The Crown and Bridgerton, more people are attracted by the upper class elegance depicted in the shows. Besides characters or family affairs, the art and fashion are rather glamorous, attracting audience globally. In the fourth season, of the Crown, the closet of Princess Diana is also a combination of modern and classical, leading the trend for decades. 

We’re inspired by glamorous lifestyles throughout the centuries, into modern day.
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