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The International Museum Day 2022 - “The Power of Museums” 

Did you know? - The International Museum Day 2022 calls for “The Power of Museums” , focusing on building communities, achieving sustainability and looking to the innovative future. 

From ARTiSTORY’s 2023SS creative collection, Marvelous Menagerie, a group of furry friends and flying spirits is walking on the welcoming palm and up through the jungle of diverse colors. Among them, there are rabbits reinterpreted from a mug made by Paul Revere Pottery, a female-ran studio in early 20th century that provided immigrant girls with an education and job opportunities. You would also see various bird species studied and drawn by American naturalist, John James Audubon (1785-1851), whose work allows us today to see images of some now-extinct-birds. At the background, the symbol of “three hares” found on Dunhuang murals, a UNESCO world heritage site, are decorated on spaceships that fly up to the sky to discover the unknown universe. These figures together create a harmonious community across time and space and resonate with what museums can achieve to empower human being. 

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