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Very Peri·Impressionism: A Moment for Eternity

Pantone's Colour of the Year reflects a global sentiment that expresses what people are looking for from the coming year. 

Very Peri, a periwinkle shade that combines the coolness of blue with the vivifying vio-let-red, is named Pantone’s 2022 Colour of the Year. PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri symbolizes the global zeitgeist in all aspects, social and technological changes in par-ticular. 

As we go through transformative times and rebuild lives from the aftermath of COVID-19, our perception of realness has been massively shifted. The advancement of technology has enabled us to expand sensory borders, stretching the limits of reality and hoping for new possibilities of living. 


Love For Periwinkle Blue 

What comes to your mind when you first lay eyes on Very Peri? Perhaps a gentle wave of warmth or an ethereal feeling that reminds you of the Impressionist master Claude Monet. As the icon of Impressionism, Monet was highly adept at working with shades of blue and purple. Through his paintings, you are free to go out for a walk along the Seine on a misty early morning, or you can be shrouded in the light shim-mering through Waterloo Bridge—All so quiet, sitting in periwinkle blue. 

There is a reason behind Monet’s colour works. Having to overcome cataracts in the last decades of his life, Monet lost his clear vision and his perception of colours changed. In 1883 Monet moved to a small town called Giverny. Here he created the masterpiece that would live on for generations to come - Water Lilies - the Very Peri hue became more and more visible, conveying a sense of peace and serenity. After an operation to remove the lens of his right eye in 1923, Monet would also have been able to perceive ultraviolet rays. Monet’s world then really did turn periwinkle blue and purple. 


Water Lilies

Claude Monet


MFA, Boston


You can also discover this colour tone from the works of other famous painters. Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, a German expressionist painter and one of the founders of the artists’ group "The Bridge”, widely applied Very Peri to depict the beauty of the snow-capped Swiss mountains. You can also see it from American artist Lynn Hyman But-ler’s painting The Punks, in which the colours cast a soft mood over the characters. 

Taking inspiration from nature, we find Very Peri just about everywhere: home interi-ors, fabrics, metals, artefacts. An expressive and uplifting shade, this colour is so versatile that it can either be used as an ambience setter or liven up an entire space.


Mountain Landscape from Clavadel 

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner


MFA, Boston



The Punks

Lynn Hyman Butler


Brooklyn Museum


A World Where the Physical Meets the Digital 

In the past two years, we have been caught living in isolation and semi-connection. As Colour of the Year 2022, Very Peri is indicative of the digital shift that we are experiencing. With trends in the metaverse, people seek connection outside the confines of reality via digital innovation.

When technology allows us to merge both physical and digital lives in unprecedented ways, we use virtual reality to slip into the skin of Claude Monet, holding digital exhibitions equipped with augmented reality devices around the world and reviving the life of Van Gogh for the 21st century. We bring awareness to deeper levels through these new creative outlets, shaping our current landscape, both in nature and the cyber universe.

And the futuristic shade of periwinkle is here to witness us move between the physical and the digital. Beyond its ability to spark the creative spirit, Very Peri embodies a unique philosophy that brings us one step closer towards a future full of possibilities.


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