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Around the World

From Paris to Venice, Shanghai to New York, concrete jungles entice us, yet the sea, beaches, deserts and hill call us to explore outside, away from our home comforts. The Hustle and Bustle of a modern city, who’s heart beats at each footstep cannot compare to the far-off lands over the horizon. Drawing us in, to explore the world, grab your tickets, we are ready to discover a new land.

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Sail to the Horizon

Life on the waves can be glorious, rocky, with blistery winds and shining sun – this is why sailing is a pastime enjoyed for generations. American artist John Singer Sargent, famed for his elegant society portraits, yet with the Brooklyn Museum’s paintings we understand his summer pursuits, from harbour to ocean. Do you have the courage to lose sight of the shore and see where the currents drift you? 

Hustle and Bustle

Paris is always an adventurous city to explore. The city of love, the city of history, of rebellion, of art and a tower we all recognise. Through the hustle and bustle of this iconic city, before the Olympic torch arrives, let the city's magic and lights guide your way in footsteps of two centuries of artists.

Poetry of Architecture

Since the 17th century, Rome and Venice became even more popular as key destinations of The Grand Tour, attracting people from Europe and even America to see the magnificent creations of the past. Alongside the artists’ pilgrimage, the architectures embody the most brilliant Greco-Roman and Renaissance artworks, and thereby become popular subject matters for paintings. Like in Canaletto’s Venetian paintings, in the shadows of those neo-gothic buildings, the most lively religious, tourist and commercial city in Europe comes to life.

Far off Lands

Be it a wander above mountains, in jungle forests or at the edge of deserts, unpredictable weather and mysterious creatures are always accompanying the traveller on his or her adventures that traverse far-off lands, revealing the mighty power of the earth. But that also provides a chance for contemplation, immersing oneself in the great beauty of nature.