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Botanical Affairs

From foreign tropical scenery to their own gardens, artists' obsessions with flowers and trees are everlasting, leaving countless paintings of their beloved plants. Throughout the years, the fragrance of flowers and fruits have been preserved on the canvas. The elegance stays still, whispering beautiful love stories.

In this theme, we will listen to the words of the flowers and trees. In the parterre or forest, from spring to winter, we will trace the footprints of the lovers, to the place where the flowers are in full bloom.

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The Scented Parterre

Through sophisticated floral elements of these sensual perfumes, let the fragrance of flowers guide you through the parterre. With a view to skincare and perfume brands, let the array of flowers inspire your design journey.

Vintage Romanticism

Among the most luxuriant branches and leaves, we stop, blooming marvels at the gorgeous flower of love.Bold floral designs, intricate petals, paisley patterns and more all show that our love for their beauty continues on.

Gift from the Land

We sow and seed in spring, harvest the fruit in autumn. Nature is so delightful and colorful in its infinite circle, and we shall be grateful. Look at the blossom tree, intwined veins, they are all growing according to the season.What we take, use and make from the earth will return to the earth. With each year, through the seasons we see colours change, regrowth and blooms. Another year blossoms in the circle of life.


Revolutionary designer of the 19th Century, William Morris created instantly recognisable textiles, which epitomised the Arts and Crafts movement. His designs revived the British textiles industry and championed the forgotten ‘handmade productions’, which had been disappearing with the Industrial Revolution. Morris bought to live the natural world, inside to the world of interior design, drawing hedgerows, flora and fauna of the countryside he loved - from lilies and Larkspur, strawberries to tulips. “Art has remembered the people, because they created” - William Morris.

Under the Microscope

Through the lens of the microscope,  go explore under the leaves, there is another little kingdom where tiny insects and plant life are growing. With the merging of the arts and sciences in the 16th and 17th centuries, people learnt and painted flowers with a greater purpose, exploring botany as well as beauty. These artists we share had a blooming past and a colourful future in art history.