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Dunhuang Ode To Glamour

The beauty of Dunhuang also belongs to the world. “Dunhuang Inspiration” owns rich art and cultural resources and local tourist sites. With the help of our international creative team, we release six annual themes to showcase the culture of Dunhuang.

Tracing back to the beginning of this imaginative, innovative trade route, we bring you these historic treasures that have travelled across time and space, to these mysterious lands.

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The Rhythm of Dunhuang

The Rhythm of Dunhuang explores the glamorous patterns from the murals. These delicately painted murals constitute the splendid Dunhuang Grottoes, where intricate geometric patterns and colourful dreams are preserved.

Tales from a variety of cultures gathered here, painted carefully, with originality. These vivid images merged into the veins of Chinese civilisation, leaving a wealth of inspiration and imagination to re-tell stories for another thousand years.

Unparalleled treasures of art are presented in the Dunhuang murals. Fundamentally, they embody the creativity of humanity. We bring these precious artworks to the world today to show the beauty, colours and dense history that shines still, waiting to be explored.

Voyage of Discovery