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Let's play

The universal act of playtime appeals to all, both children and adults alike. Psychologists confirm that play is a fundamental stage in human development, yet playtime is a luxury.

In the past, there was little time for education or play. Over time, children became a cherished part of the family to be nurtured and protected.

“Let’s Play” explores our best moments in developmental activities, ranging from flying kites in ancient China, Lewis Chessmen during the Viking era to circus fanfare in 19th century Europe. Experience the joys and laughter of by-gone eras today.

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Feline Frenzy

Cats are both adorable pets and wild animals. They can be cuddly, cute, selfish, greedy and treacherous creatures. That is in their nature. They like to play with their hunt, they share many complicated qualities with us human. We take a serious look at these paintings and observations of our feline friends. Cats rebel, are mysterious, special and connect to us in an intimate way, differently to many other household pets.

Tiger, is an animal that is revered by all civilisations, appears in mythologies and tales, as a ritual totem or symbol of power. The patterns and gleaming eyes of them can threaten people from a distance, but are even more mysterious by the fact that they live in deep forests. People living in modern cities rarely see this elegant animal in the wild, but their love for its close relative pet cats keeps growing. The image of the tiger in today’s artwork is often a mixture of these two felines: fierce but innocent.

On the Stage

The stage has always fascinated artists. Joy in play and performance crosses cultures and generations. Who doesn’t love getting dressed up for a night at the theatre, ballet or opera? The anticipation as the curtain rises, the thunderous applause when it falls… Screens just can’t compete with the feeling of connection to the performers and others in the audience. Every show is unique and anything can happen. Blink and you’ll miss it!