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Marvellous Menagerie

As residents of the planet, animals, wild and domestic, are our best friends throughout history. Our stories are intertwined with theirs and the images of animals are everywhere, as metaphors, symbols or decorative ornaments.

In the contemporary world, when environmental topics are brought to the fore, we care more and more about these friends who have been with us for countless generations. In this theme, we will look at animals in pervious artworks, representing our passion for animals as always.

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Mythical Marvels

Mythical animals lived in our imagination for thousands of years. They not only exist in mythological tales and artworks, but also embody our best and earnest wishes for good fortune.

In this collection, ARTiSTORY selects artefacts that represent animals from the ancient world, drawing design inspiration from these exuberant mythical creatures depicted by our ancestors. We look into the vitality of human faith and the civilisations built upon it, learning from the past when these marvellous and elegant creatures were part of our lives.

Free Spirits

Birds, an admired animal since ancient times, carry all our hopes and dreams of freedom and heavenly joy. Even if humans now dominate the land, birds are still the absolute rulers of the sky. Dashing through mountains and chasing the clouds, those winged spirits always attract our attention, every time we look up at the sky.

In this collection, we explore these mighty creatures in the wild, appreciating their natural beauty. John James Audubon, the great American scientist and illustrator of birds will reveal their secret lives.

Roaming Free

As fast as wind, leaping to new heights, racing around the track, these free spirits roam free. With wild hearts, filly’s and stallions lead the reins from horse to humans, friends for centuries. Riding for miles, exploring the world we go! 

When life feels like it’s speeding up, pause to observe the gallops of wildlife passing by. Appreciate their grace, physique and form - a beauty of a design from nature.

Endangered Environment

Cutting through the thickening steam and smog of industrial revolution, gears of vehicles and machines rumble across almost every inch of the planet. Human's territory never ceases to expand, regardless of the receding edges of forests, wetlands and lakes, where various disappearing creatures dwell and belong.  

The processes of industrialization and Anthropocene cannot be reversed, but let's enjoy with ARTiSTORY a retrospective tour through ages and rediscover the vitality of multitudinous creatures in the world of art! The protection of and coexistence with nature is an important topic for all of us.

Furry Friends

Among the hustle and bustle of modern city, everyone yearns to love and to be loved. Therefore, cute and innocent pets have brought us priceless friendship and companionship, growingly inseparable from people's lives. Following the Year of Tiger, 2023 is the Year of Rabbit in Chinese tradition.

Rabbits appear frequently in ancient mythology and iconographic motifs, such as the intriguing Three Hares in Dunhuang. Gentle and tame in nature, rabbits are also widely beloved as family pets, often accompanying children and bringing happiness. ARTiSTORY has selected a collection of rabbit-themed artworks with other adorable pet paintings from partner museums and is dedicated to sharing them with more and more people interested in art.