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Modern Mix Up

Artists of the 20th century gradually disregarded the doctrine of traditional art and show their attitudes from form to content. These pioneers inspire and encourage us to be ourselves and to shine our own lights.

The year 2024 marks the 80th anniversary of the deaths of Mondrian and Kandinsky. We present some of their best works in museum collections and celebrate their devotion to art.

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Piet Mondrian

For Mondrian, the pioneer of modern paintings, squares were enough. Follow ARTiSTORY, explore the beauty of order in lines, basic colours and right angles, and feel the pure universe depicted by simple geometry through perception and insight.

Wassily Kandinsky

For Kandinsky, the "father of abstract art", there are parallels between painting and music. The sound of strings floating in the air and the circles placed on the canvas compose a sublime and novel music piece—colour is the note and shape is the tune. The colours bursting like fireworks paved Kandinsky's path to absolute abstraction and cosmic truth.