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She Created

From ancient times to nowadays, women have always been active in various fields, fashion, science, politics and so on. And the artistic expression of women, and by women, is so important and prominent in history, to which we are obliged to extend our love and pay our tribute.

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Powerful Minds

Since the 20th century, masterpieces by women artists, and art stories about them, have been collected, shown, and honoured in museums around the world. In earnest and in awe, ARTiSTORY shall unveil the grace and grandeur of women artists' creation, including artworks and designs by Clara Wolcott Driscoll and Guan Daosheng from ancient China who excelled in calligraphy and ink wash painting.

Fashion Through Time

Fashion and art are inseparably intertwined. Pioneering fashions through time have influenced the aesthetics of all periods with their attitude, courage and revolution of the traditional. Among them, female artists shine brilliantly, showing their unparalleled beauty and their exquisite and talented fashion designs. From design sketches to fashion accessories, these artefacts are now shining brightly in the collections of museums, and ARTiSTORY brings them to the fore to inspire everyone.

Loving Life

In all the free and peaceful afternoon hours, women read, chat, wander, or hike, entitled to leisure and celebrating their own time. Women's grace and virtue appeal to artists; and women themselves are the artists of their life.  
This collection contains Sargent's watercolours of women in sunlight, Maurice Prendergast's post-impressionist beach paintings, and images of ancient Chinese ladies powdering face and cooling off in summer. It is women who honour life in all its tenderness and tranquility.

Colours of Cubism

Generations of artists created masterpieces of exactly what they saw in the world around them… and then came the 20th century to blur and disregard all the rules set before them. Line, shapes and colour meant the most to the cubism movement. It is what the viewer, yourself sees, that holds the meaning.