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Mobile game Clash of Kings signs licensing deal with Chinese city of Dunhuang

August 9, 2022

‘Dunhuang Civilisation’ will allow players to explore the ancient city.

Clash of Kings has signed a licensing deal with the historic Chinese city of Dunhuang that gives the mobile game exclusive access to the UNESCO World Heritage Site’s cultural IP.

The two-year deal between Clash of Kings and Dunhuang Inspiration, which is part of the Dunhuang Culture & Tourism Group, was brokered by art and cultural IP specialist ARTiSTORY.

Jing Han, ARTiSTORY co-founder, said the deal “indicates how mobile and video games are responding to consumer demand for greater authenticity, realism and, most importantly, totally unique experiences via the games they play”.

“Allowing gamers to experience real, living history and culture can achieve this like nothing else can and we are seeing other museums and cultural institutions seeking opportunities in the gaming world,” Han said.

Museums seek opportunities in gaming world

Launching this month, a new episode of Clash of Kings titled ‘Dunhuang Civilisation’ will give more than 300 million players the opportunity to explore the ancient city.

‘Dunhuang Civilisation’ includes a new map of the city for gamers to explore, and a new plot and narrative based on real stories. The episode’s design is inspired by the site’s ancient history and culture.

“For games like Clash Of Kings, licensing cultural IP in this way allows them to bring a whole new layer of discovery, experience, and novelty for gamers to enjoy that is totally unique to them,” said Sun Xiaoqiang, Dunhuang Culture & Tourism Group chairman.

“For Dunhuang Inspiration, licensing our IP brings a whole new audience to Dunhuang’s legacies and allows them to live beyond the physical realm of the site. Everyone wins.”

‘Dunhuang Civilisation’

“Working with Dunhuang Inspiration and ARTiSTORY to bring it all to life has been a rewarding experience and we can’t wait to introduce Dunhuang to our global community of players,” added Liu Fangshuo, Clash of Kings producer.

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